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I bought in to the “MDG Liquid Elixir” dice Kickstarter a while back and just received by d20 last week. These dice sets have liquid cores that allow you to shake them and get a “shower”  of metallic flakes in the d20’s core. (Think tiny snow globes.) Here are some shots of my “Shield of Faith” yellow die with red numbers. The numbers are inscribed on the  face, so there is material removed.


The glitter was “active” but despite my best efforts the camera did not catch it. It is quite pretty when the glitter is roiling, but be warned the glitter settles very quickly. One other item of interest is the size. Here is a shot comparing the Liquid D20 with my standard Gravity Dice.

Liquid Elixir D20 Size Comparison

The Liquid Elixir D20 is larger than standard at 22.5 MM from side to side. I did not notice that when I bought it, so it fits poorly in my standard gaming  storage.

A closer examination of the die shows clean cuts and coloring for the numbers and sharp edges. Overall, build quality for the exterior was nice, but I did notice some issues with the interior.

There is a clear seam visible around the liquid core and it contains a noticeable air bubble. The air bubble in particular concerned me in regards to balance and rolling behavior. Only one way to to check; feed it to Fortuna!

Fortuna, my dice testing robot system rolled the Liquid Elixir 1000 times and created a report.

The dark blue line represents 50, the number of each die face in a theoretical, but nearly impossible set of rolls.  Normally, the dice generate a “sawtooth” graph, as in this case. Because rolling 50 of each face is extremely unlikely I used a “Goodness of Fit”  analysis. This allows me to set a threshold for how extreme the results are and if they are below my chosen threshold (.05 for the P value or lower) I call the d20 “defective.”  In this case, even with the liquid core and the air bubble the Liquid Elixir D20 scored an impressive 0.67!

Not only is this passing, it is among the best I have ever tested!   One caveat about this test; it is only for this specific d20 so I will not draw any conclusions about other d20s from this Kickstarter.

If you have any questions about our testing or methodology, drop me a line.